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1 someone shirking their duty by feigning illness or incapacity [syn: malingerer, shammer]
2 someone waiting in concealment [syn: lurker, lurcher]

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  1. One who skulks.

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Skulker was an ARIA Award-nominated rock band from Sydney, Australia that originally formed in 1994. After two albums, the group parted ways in 2005


The group's original members met at Cheltenham Girls High School, North Sydney in 1994 and decided to form a band. The line-up at the time was Greer Skinner on lead vocals and guitar, Annette Harada on bass guitar, Naomi "Batti" Battah on guitar and occasional lead vocals and drummer Angela Blackshaw.
After an initial period establishing itself on the Sydney live circuit the band came to the attention of independent label Chatterbox Records and in 2000 Skulker released the album Too Fat for Tahiti. The title was apparently inspired by the band being rejected for a gig as a house band at a resort in Tahiti because they were "too fat".
Too Fat for Tahiti spawned the tracks "Naughty" and "Hëj" that received considerable support from the national youth radio station Triple J and both were voted into the networks annual listeners' poll, The Hottest 100, at number 50 and 80 respectively. The album was subsequently nominated for Best Independent Album at the ARIA Awards and Skulker was nominated for Best New Live Act at the Australian Music Awards.
Skulker then toured Australia exhaustively before recording a new album The Double Life that was released in early 2003. A free download-only single "Rock Nugget" was released and received high rotation on Triple J. The album received feature album status on the network, however sales of The Double Life were disappointing compared to those of the debut. The band went on to release the singles "Coming Home" and "In Your Arms" and played the Big Day Out tour in 2004. Early 2004 also found the band opening for Pink in Sydney and Newcastle.
At this point Batti decided to depart the band and moved to Canada to pursue other interests. She now lives in London, Ontario. Following the replacement of Batti with new guitarist Gregory Boulting, Skulker toured the east coast of Australia and recorded extensive demos of new material that have never been released. The band members have since decided to go their own ways and pursue further interests. Annette Harada has relocated to London, England. Angela Blackshaw is now in the Sydney band Boston Shaker and Greer Skinner is working in journalism as editorial co-ordinator for Practical Parenting magazine.



  • Too Fat For Tahiti (2000)
  • The Double Life (2003)


  • Morgan To The Moon (1998)


  • Bittersweet (1998)
  • Hëj (2000)
  • Naughty (2000)
  • Newport Nightmare / Strawberry Deluxe (2001)
  • Rock Nugget (2001)
  • Coming Home (2003)
  • In Your Arms (2003)
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